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Extraterrestrial Can’t Stress Enough How Hard It Is to Fly a Disk

OUTER SPACE - Citing Hollywood’s penchant for exaggerating the truth for ease of storytelling, a verified extraterrestrial flying disc pilot took to social media to complain that piloting a spacecraft is not at all easy. Movies, he said, make it seem like advanced technology means basically controlling everything with one button and a touchscreen and in some extreme cases, telepathically. “It’s laughable, if our superior bodies were capable of laughing. In reality, flying our craft is much more like flying one of your human space vehicles, except even harder because it isn’t always clear which side is the front” the alien said, adding that the other main difference is we’re millions of years behind when it comes to implementation of glowing lights and atmospheric steam being released at the most dramatic moments. “I mean, sure, once you get out away from gravitational fields, the ship basically flies itself, but you still have to take off and land. That takes a while to perfect. Hollywood makes it look so easy,” the pilot said.


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